Why the NAACP Sold Out

By Ernest Bey
Thursday, December 3, 2009 at 12:56am

For most of my adult life, I have tried to determine why the NAACP Black leaders sold out the Black masses. Was it for money, power, recognition or just plain ignorance? Until the writing of this book, Betrayal By Any Other Name, I had only disjointed clues to decipher the puzzle. Now, I think the picture is clear. The reasons for the treacherous betrayal includes all of the factors cited above in addition to another: the White involvement and control of the NAACP. This same control has, in varying ways, been exerted over virtually all civil rights and related organizations, including the Urban League and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.
Sincerity is Not the Issue

Given the desperate conditions of the Black masses in America over the last 80 years and the dismal quality of leadership that has been provided by its traditional leaders, my evaluation of that leadership will recognize sincerity as a legitimate attribute for that leadership; but sincerity will not excuse irresponsibility. Can one imagine excusing continued losses of a Fortune 500 corporation on the grounds that management was sincere? In the corporate context, sincerity would do little to assuage angry fixed income shareholders, uneasy pension holders or even healthy institutional investors. Why should a different standard be used to evaluate social political leadership?

A Marriage Made in Heaven —
Black Reactionaries

Why did Ralph Bunche describe the Negro complexion of the NAACP leadership as middle-class ultra conservatives? Because that was what they were. Philosophically and psychologically they were the spiritual descendants of the slave driver appointed by the White plantation owner to follow orders. Socially, they were the class conscious middle-class descendants of the free Negroes who took pride in their fair physical color, their ability to imitate select values of the White world and who had no belief or pride in Africa, African history, or the African masses in Africa or America; and politically they were the descendants of the middles class Negroes who met in Philadelphia in 1815 and 1835 to further their love/hate relationship with White America by demanding to be given an extended stay in America rather than be deported to Africa. They positioned their plea on the humiliating basis that they, the free Negroes, were incapable of running governments, institutions or economies without direct and permanent involvement of Whites. To emphasis their resolve, the degrading resolutions were sent to the President of the United States by the 1815 convention.

Given the psychology of this Black contingent, it is not surprising that they would yield the most powerful positions of the NAACP to friendly Whites and reserve public relations positions for themselves. The highest ranking founding member of the NAACP, Harvard trained Dr. E. B. DuBois, was appointed Director of Public Relations and Research. The Blacks believed that money was crucial to their success and that the Black masses or classes would never underwrite the NAACP programs. Therefore they opted to exchange White involvement and influence for economic stability.

The Whites

Again, Dr. Ralph Bunche described the White leadership as missionary-minded, mawkish sentimentalists. The antecedents of this group could be found during the underground railroad days of slavery promoting Frederick Douglass, donating funds to build and operate Southern Christian colleges after slavery and sponsoring Christian missionary work among the slaves. The Christian ministry was promoted even when it required guarantees to the slave master that the missionaries would use Christianity to make the slave more docile and obedient to the slave system.

There is no evidence that this group of Whites had thought through the complexities and intrigues of the race question. Traditionally they did not believe that the masses of Blacks should be socially absorbed into the United States even though they were opposed to slavery. After the Civil War they accepted that Blacks would be citizens in the U.S. forever, but had no idea what the social and economic consequences of this experiment would be. They had certainly not confronted the prospects of the Black middle class dreams of physically disappearing through interracial marriage and amalgamation. They had no understanding or plan to lead the Black masses from the social and psychological disorder they had helped create through Christianity and slavery. Their accommodation to the idea of activism was not to move too fast, concentrate on the South, and help make Blacks nice and proper as to create less fear of them from the White establishment.

The second group of Whites who participated in the White leadership of the NAACP was the Jews. One contingency of this group was more philosophically socialistic, sincerely believing in civil liberties and rights for all Americans. Another strain was more commercially and politically inclined who saw the NAACP as an excellent vehicle to further their commercial and political interests.

It must be remembered that the two million Jews who emigrated to the U.S. from Europe from 1880 to World War I, experienced considerable discrimination. They therefore defined their niche for economic survival to be wholesale, retail trade and banking as their antecedents had opted for banking, trade and slavery. In both cases, politics became a valuable ally. In addition, the prospects of controlling, manipulating and brokering the Black vote through the NAACP, and access to a 10 million plus friendly Black consumer block could not have escaped this class of ambitious, aggressive businessmen.

What’s Wrong With Being Used?

There is nothing wrong with Blacks and Whites honestly using one another for their respective mutual benefit as long as deception and fraud do not prevail. In the case of the NAACP, the middle class Blacks did receive benefits from the alliance and the masses received a few along the way. But the benefits came at the expense of exploiting the ignorance, disorder and confusion of the Black masses. More importantly the masses were not given adequate and reliable information from which to make intelligent decisions about the merits of the NAACP strategies and programs. And finally, the NAACP arrogated to themselves the title of Black leader. From that position, with the help of their liberal friends, they deceived both Black and White masses and in the process enriched themselves and their middle class children to the detriment of the Black masses.

This process was repeated throughout the three civil rights periods and continues until today. Not surprisingly the trail of leadership has culminated in the worst conditions for the Black masses since slavery. Consider:

• Physical self-hatred
• Absence of racial pride
• Crime
• Imprisonment
• Teenage pregnancies
• Illiteracy
• Alcohol and drug consumption
• Poor health
• Lack of educational motivation
• Feelings of fatalism

At Last It Can Be Told—
The White Jewish Chairman of the NAACP
Was a Spy Beginning in 1917!

When the late Ralph Bunche described the White Americans who controlled the leadership positions of the NAACP as white, mawkish and missionary minded, even he did not know the extent of intrigue and betrayal that characterized their lengthy reign. Indeed it was not until March of 1993 that the extent of White betrayal became known.

Memphis Commercial Appeal & The Oakland Tribune

In March, 1993 The Commercial Appeal newspaper of Memphis, Tennessee obtained heretofore classified U.S. military intelligence reports through the auspice of the Freedom of Information Act. Their exposé would have shocked the world had the content of their series of articles not been systematically smothered or distorted. Few news publications, Black or White, dared print the salient facts of their courageous disclosures. Both The Commercial Appeal and The Oakland Tribune are two of the few newspapers willing to tell it like it is.

Why Was This So Shocking?

According to the United States military intelligence reports, Black organizations, including the NAACP and selected Black churches were placed under surveillance as early as 1917. In that year, Lt. Col. Ralph Van Deman established the United States Army's anti-Black spy network. He continued his operation until his death in 1952. Thereafter the anti-Black espionage continued under the direction of Lt. General Pelham Yarborough in his capacity as Assistant Chief of Staff of Intelligence. It was during General Yarborough's tour of duty that Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. was placed under constant surveillance as had been his maternal grandfather, a prominent Atlanta minister under Lt. Col. Van Deman.

Joel E. Spingarn Exposed

You will remember that the NAACP gives out an annual achievement award in honor of its first Chairman, a White Jew, Joel E. Spingarn. The list of recipients who have proudly accepted this award is virtually endless and certainly includes most of the who's who in Black America for the last 50 years. In all probability no recipient knew very much about the man for whom the award was named and specifically, that he became a life long intelligence mole shortly after he became Chairman of the Board of the NAACP.

Again, citing official U.S. military records, Lt. Col. Ralph Van Deman hired Joel E. Spingarn as a NAACP mole in May of 1918. At that time he was made a major in the Military Intelligence Division (MID) and was paid to spy on the Black community using his position as Chairman of the NAACP. Spingarn continually supplied information to military intelligence, including names of the 32,000 membership list throughout his chairmanship. Upon his retirement, he was replaced by his brother Arthur.

Enter the Anti Defamation League (ADL) of B'nai B'rith

In 1958 and continuing to 1993, the national Jewish organization known as the Anti Defamation League entered into an arrangement with racist government officials whereby hundreds of thousands of dollars were paid to moles to spy on specific organizations, including the NAACP and the Nation of Islam.

What Does All This Mean?

For those millions of Blacks throughout the world who know and love the contribution that Marcus Garvey made to the freedom of our race, the lingering suspicion that he was railroaded during his criminal trial takes new meaning. Specifically Garvey's trial and deportation took place within the following context:

• His prosecutor was Jewish.
• His presiding and sentencing judge was Jewish who was a member of the board of directors of the NAACP.
• The NAACP vigorously opposed Garvey and tried everything to belittle his tremendous influence among Blacks.
• The U.S. government hated Garvey.
• The Chairman of the NAACP, Joel E. Spingarn was a paid informant for the U.S. Military

Intelligence Division during the entire period in which Garvey mobilized the Black masses, including Malcolm X's father, in America.

For those Blacks who dared to believe and trust in the White liberals and Jews on the grounds that common cause would always bind them together, a thorough investigation into the historical sincerity of this class is warranted.

Uninformed Blacks who have accepted Spingarn Awards in honor of one of their most pronounced traitors, should immediately renounce these awards and insist that the Annual Award be immediately renamed. At the very least they should return those awards to the National Board of the NAACP.

For those Jews who are sincerely committed to racial progress and healthy relations between Blacks and Jews, they must condemn the dastardly and cowardly acts of the ADL and Joel E. Spingarn immediately. For the White and Black media who want to maintain credibility with the Black community, they must investigate and expose the full history of the anti-Black espionage in the United States. In this regard, just in case the media fails to fulfill their obligations to the public for whatever reasons, I am summarizing both shameful episodes for our readers.

Military Spy Network Dates Back to 1917

The incredible spy system that questioned the loyalty of Black Americans was initiated by the U.S. Secretary of War on May 3, 1917 and has continued for more than 75 years. Top secret, often illegal intrusions into the lives of Black Americans often focused on Black churches in the south and their ministers. At first, the Army used a reporting network of private citizens that included church members, Black businessmen and Black educators. It later employed cadres of infiltrators, wiretaps and aerial photograph by U2 and SR71 spy planes. Targets of the spy network included three generations of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's family: his maternal grandfather, the Rev. A.D. Williams, pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church and first president of the Atlanta NAACP, King's father, Martin Sr. and successor at Ebenezer Church and Martin Luther King Jr. himself.

Lt. Col. Ralph Van Deman, a White, created the Army's Black spy network. He and Maj. Walter H. Loving, a Black soldier on his staff, began recruiting informers within the Black community in the same year. Robert R. Moton, Booker T. Washington's successor at Tuskegee Institute, came aboard as did Dr. C.V. Roman of Nashville, a Black, who sent Loving a list of potential Black informants and troublemakers. Loving wrote to Van Deman on November 23, 1917 that:

“Mr. Robert R. Church of Memphis, Tennessee who is one of the wealthiest men of the race ... has put me in touch with one prominent colored man in each of the largest Southern cities.”

Recruitment of secret agents was not confined to Blacks. Van Deman hired Joel E. Spingarn, a Jew and the first Chairman of the NAACP board, and made him a major in the Military Intelligence Division in May, 1918. Board Chairman and secret agent Maj. Joel Spingarn and Black agent Lt. T. Montgomery ran a unit of undercover agents, according to intelligence documents. The documents show that Spingarn, who remained NAACP Chairman during his tenure with the Military Intelligence Division, used his trusted post in the NAACP to obtain critical information for MID, such as a list of the organization's 32,000 members.

To What Extent Has the Spingarn Practice of Deception Been Carried Forward?

In December, 1993 the San Francisco Police Department seized the files and computer databases of Roy Bullock, the Anti Defamation League's top spy for 35 years. Bullock had more 12,000 files containing names, addresses, physical descriptions and group affiliations. The names ranged from Representative Ron Dellums to the United Auto Workers. Information from the FBI and local police was also found in Bullock's possession, as well as several photos taken at demonstrations. These files were broken down into 4 categories: The African National Congress, the pinkos, the Arabs and the right wing.

Bullock had spent much of his time clipping articles from hundreds of periodicals, listening to KPFA, a public broadcasting radio station and infiltrating meetings including Arab American and anti-apartheid groups. From this pool of information he wrote detailed reports on what people did and said and sent them to Richard Hirschaut, director of the ADL's San Francisco office. Hirschaut then routed the files to ADL headquarters in New York, or any of the 31 offices across the country.

Between 1985 and 1993 the ADL, through secret channels, paid Bullock $185,000. Bullock also sold material on anti-apartheid activists to South African government agents. Bullock also relied on campus spies like Nathan Staitman, an 18-year-old political science major at S.F. State and member of Hillel, a foundation-supported Jewish student center. He said in an interview that he and other Jewish students routinely collected and passed on information of Palestinian students and other pro-Arab activists to the ADL — and sometimes to the F.B.I. Students at S.F. State learned of the extent of the ADL's reach onto campus in April 1993 when the names of 12 student groups showed up in Bullock's files.

The ADL was founded in 1913. Its charter says its main mission is to stop the defamation of the Jewish people. But it adds that “its ultimate purpose is to secure justice and fair treatment to all citizens.” Nevertheless the ADL's spy activities date back at least to 1947 when a Congressional hearing revealed that the ADL had been supplying the Civil Service Commission with information related to activities, beliefs and opinions of Congress-members and suspected communists.

During the civil rights movement when many Jews were taking the lead in fighting against racism, the ADL was spying on Martin Luther King, whom they considered to be a sort of loose cannon, and passing on the information to J. Edgar Hoover, says a former ADL employee, Henry Schwarzchild. He worked in the publications department of the ADL between 1962 and 1964 and says that the ADL spied on King's meetings because they were afraid that if the famed civil rights leader stirred a White backlash against Blacks ... it would encompass Jews as well. The Jewish community was small but very well settled in the deep south. The ADL was concerned about their well-being.

Information of this chapter was extracted from several publications including: The Nation, May 3, 1993; Spies for Zion, SF Weekly, April 28, 1993; Oakland Tribune, March 21 and 22, 1993 (Memphis Commercial Appeal).

Chapter 25: Betrayal By Any Other Name
by: Dr. Khalid Al-Mansour

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