The Facts of Who Really Holds Title Of United States of America!

By Ernest Bey

I previously presented articles and videos regarding the Queen of England owning the United States, which I did so to obtain your reactions. To the contrary, the Queen of England does not own the United States of America nor ever loaned money.

England like the United Nations is also financed by the same Family who in 1786 loaned the United States capital for what was known as the “Country Development Foundation”. More importantly, the Queen of  England does not hold title to the land of North America nor holds the “Stamp” required as proof of ownership.

Now, I presented a video via my Facebook/Blog entiled “Black Chinese” which shall explain the Ching Dynasty who in fact holds the “Stamp” (Asiatic Black Man). Moreover, the Ching Dynasty to this day prints United States global Currency.

On that note, I have listed below a true and accurate description of historical facts.

The Origin of United States of America Currencies and Bonds

1.1776 Independence Day of United States of America (U.S.A.)

2.1786 Ching Dynasty made a loan to USA as the capital of “Country Development Foundation” (or Chien Kuo Foundation). The Following were provided:

Dragon and Phoenix

Contract was signed in 1907 (Kuang-Hsu Year 33, Ching Dynasty) in Shanghai and contract exchanged in Beijing. The face amount of the above collateral are all $50 Trillion United States Dollars each with guaranteed values for 300 rears.

3.1911 Year of the Republic of China (ROC) found.

1913 The accounts were audited, a conclusion was drawn to issue new United States currencies (Gold and Silver Bond) with big face amount as governmental debt (issued by 12 Federal Reserve Banks and the Bank of Washington, a bank directly under the Ministry of Finance/ Treasury Department. The Printing was terminated in 1945.

(case No.: 13579)

Recession in United States and the Bank of Washington went to bankruptcy.

The ROC loaned USA 200,000 ounces of gold as collateral to issue $2 Billion USD currency to pay for the interest.

5. 1933

(Case File No.: 00903)

All the currencies were placed to dormant Accounts (under 33, 66 and 99) after the so-called “918 Accident (September 18, 1931).

6. 1937 After the war broke up at Lu-Kou-Bridge 7/7/37 all the valuers were moved to Southern Part of China. A resolution from the meetings between United States and Republic of China decided to distribute/keep the gold and silver to 537 generals with officials documents. This was to prevent/ minimize the chance of losing the wealth belonged to the Chinese people.

7. 1948 Autumn ROC retreated to Taiwan. The United States Currencies printed prior, to 1934 were damaged at least one case.

8.The aforementioned brief description is true/ factual.

9.The aforementioned wealth are mostly well-kept by the original assigned keeper or his assignee(s)/ sucessor(s) with documents and origin.

China’s Elder Global Community

Going back over many centuries, when one dynasty was taken over by another, the previous would hide their sovereign wealth (gold, precious stones, etc.) in mountain caves and elsewhere; ultimately, when Western nations began onslaught into China, much of this wealth was off-shored in part, by establishing new banking structures (e.g., Citibank was established initially with this offshore sovereign wealth): we're talking in the multi-multi-trillions. Over subsequent centuries, this all sat idle in interest bearing accounts, and these accumulated to the multi-trillions. "Elders" refers to the unseen global network of Chinese nationals who are titled inheritors from the dynastic period (they personally are not necessarily wealthy, but they hold the power of the accounts).

The accounts are highly secret, tightly controlled with deep locking systems requiring multiple Elders in various global locations to combine their key codes. Recently (less than 5 years), Elders have become aware of trading platforms, as a way to leverage their wealth for humanitarian socio-economic-enviro projects, in China and worldwide, without affecting the root accounts. They've made initial errors dealing with swindler PPM's, now extremely cautious and that's why they entrust Ernest Bey as their Asset Management Protection who is an Aboriginal Asiatic descendant of North America.

Intelligence rules the world, and Ignorance bares the burden!

Ernest Bey

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