Five Star Trust (FST) Intelligence Report ..... Gold in the Philippines and financial World War 3 ...!

By Ernest Bey




More about the gold in the Philippines and financial World War 3

The large stashes of gold hidden in the Philippines are becoming irrelevant as the end game approaches to the ongoing financial World War 3. High-level Federal Reserve Board agents in Taiwan and Japan are trying to make an end run around the Black Dragon Society by seizing the gold hidden in the Philippines and sending it to China. What they fail to realize is that you cannot eat gold.

Even if they temporarily gain possession of it, they will not succeed because the real gold in this world is found in people’s hearts. While those blinded by power lust and greed were digging for gold, the real action took place on December 21st at a lake near Manila. There a group of Maori, Japanese, Philippino, Australian and Canadian Shamans together with local elders presided over a ceremony marking a turning point on human stewardship of the planet. The ceremony marked the beginning of a major campaign to restore the endangered lake (the second largest lake in South East Asia) back to pristine health. The effort to clean this lake was but a symbolic first step in a major campaign to save the planet. Saving the planet is the real gold, not some yellow metal.

Five Star Trust

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