JP Morgan Chase Bank's Economic Apartheid....!

By Ernest Bey

My FB Family one of my royal family clients gave $2 Trillion earmarked for African-American businesses and urban housing via the Federal Reserve Bank of New York which I personally facilitated.

I am requesting of your assistance to write a letter to the President Obama to have the funds immediately release which was transferred to JP Morgan Chase. JP Morgan refuses to release the funds to a group of Black professional investors.

The funds have been siting dormant since the Bush administration at the same time JP Morgan illegally profiting off the funds in question. Yes, there are groups of people that don't want Blacks to receive these funds nor see Blacks become self-sufficient. Simply put, the British subjects of North America don't want North America Aboriginals to compete into global markets violation of the Ant-Trust laws.

In closing, although I get paid off the top, if you want yours, moreover, respect the fact of my advocacy and loyalty. I highly suggest you demand President Obama to enforce existing laws via the U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights division for such blatant radical form of economic Apartheid. On that note, I done my job, now do yours, even if you have to resort to the level of economic boycott!

Ernest Bey

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