"Diary Of A Tired Black Man"

By Ernest Bey

Although I'm tired of meeting Los Angeles bisexual Sistas, Most young Sistas need to see this Video/ DVD from a Black male prospective. Simpy put, life, love and respect is a two-way street! Moreover, come to the table with more than just your good looks and family/friends drama!

Here is the 3 min. clip that my movie was based on. This clip was shot a year before the movie was even thought about.

People saw this short scene and demanded to see the rest of the movie - so I made it! It is now a full 108 min. feature film distributed by Magnolia ...Pictures and is in stores now! Please watch it and tell me what you think. Wait until you see the rest of the movie - people are definitely talking about this one! Get it at Wal-Mart (in the black area stores) or get it on line at Amazon.com Here: http://www.amazon.com/Diary-Tired-Black-Jimmy-Jean-Louis/dp/B001L67A46
It can also be found at Target, Best Buys, and the Apple iTunes movie store.

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