By Ernest Bey
There are more than one/1 United States and each has its own (1) President, (2) Congress and (3) Justices, inter alia, in North America. United States (1) "This term has several (>more than one) meanings. It may be MERELY (>word of art: complete or totally) the name of a sovereign (Nation or State) occupying the position ANALOGOUS (in a special or proper position) to that of other sovereigns in the family of nations ...", Black’s Law Dictionary, 4-6 Ed. The Aboriginal Government is the “13 Nations”> Family of Nations> Nationality!

The “United States”> 12-colonies formerly known as “Providence Plantations” per Article II of the Treaty/Constitution. The British subjects duplicated the Aboriginal Coffee Hue Preamble General Government's Constitution> United States of America.

Simply put, the reason you hear the word “Our Freedoms” throughout mainstream media via Caucasian governmental officials, is because Caucasians are not free from the British Crown. The Aboriginal Government Annexed the 12-colonies via Treaty of Commerce, Treaty of Paris and Treaty of Peace into the Aboriginal General National Government of the United States of America vs. United States.

Moreover, the United States Supreme Court ruled the “United States” don't own property (soil); that's why you have “warranty deeds” and “grantor deeds”. Simply put, the “Subsidiary Company> United States is now claiming ownership of the Holding Company> United States of America.

Ironically, so-called Blacks are naive to the fact that they are assisting in the survival of the British Subjects via SSN, which is merely a commerce tracking identification number controlled by the British Crown overseeing its subjects via taxation. However, there is no law that warrants you to have a SSN. Yes, the Founding Fathers of the United States of America was in fact Aboriginal Coffee Hue people, i.e., “We the People.”

We The People

The phrase "We the people" [of the United States is far older than the Preamble Clause]; and is not referring to the American Citizens. In pre-historic America a people of the Moorish Ancestry called Lenape or the people and Lenni Lenape which translates to Grandfather, the Old Ones, Original People and We, the people. The Lenape are now called Delaware Indians, but they never called themselves this. All other so called Native Americans referred to the Lenappy [The Nappy Head Ones] as the very ancient ones with Magic [Nanticoke]. William Penn by his own account written in his own hand said: "The Natives shall consider in their person ... with my sense of Original. For their Person, they are generally tall, straight, well built, singular Proportioned; they tread strong and clever, and mostly walk with lofty chin: of complexion, BLACK, but by design, as the Gypsies in England ...”. William Penn's 1683 account of the Delaware- Indians.

Before we proceed further, you should also note that the word Gypsy is a word of art term for Egyptian> Moors (see Egyptian, Black’s Law Dictionary, 4th Ed., p. 606). Ancient and Modern Briton, David MacRitchie, Vol. 2, pp 239 & 357:

"It is not so very long ago that the conventional gypsy was of almost black complexion. The followers of John the Faw, in the old ballad, are spoken of as the 'Black Crew' ... And in 1861 the Indian of New England, or MOORS as they were also styled by the settlers, were pronounced by William Penn to be as black as gypsies.

This statement of Penn’s may even mean that the British gypsies of 1861 were quite black … To say, then, that those Indians made themselves “as black as gypsies may signify that the gypsies of 1861 were distinctly Black-a-Moors”.

"The larger proportion of the ‘Ancient Nobility’ of the southern and central parts of Great Britain were SLAUGHTERED in the latter part of the 15th century; in the period in which the swarthy (Maurus) Douglase, and Gordon of Southern Scotland, ceased to be formerly recognized as landowners and Nobles. If in any of these cases the vanquished survivors of this (Black-a-moor) nobility ...the tents and turf covered wigwam of the gypsies … that were peculiar to certain early British tribes, much in the same way as the vanquished *dukes of North America have done.

Note: The fact is, perhaps, scarcely worth noticing, but the aristocracy (Royal Nobility) of the earlier, inhabitants of North America described as “Indians’ and MOORS’ by the settlers are designated “Emperors”, Kings’ and “Dukes’ by the writers of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

The Lenni Lenape, i.e. We the People are also known as the Woad/Woodland Culture, Anasazi and Mound Builders, however, their National name was Monocan (sometimes erroneously called Monacan) and mistakenly called Moroccan by the traditional Moorish Americans or Moorish Nationals [not to be confused with Our National and Preamble -Moorish Citizens of the United States of America]. The term Mono-Khan meant One Spiritual People or United people.

The Monocan Empire of the United States was a Union of three Confederacies: (I) AlgonKuian, (2) Iroquoian and (3) Siouan Linguistic groups with 13 zones, [the basis for the 13 original States] 16 National States and numerous Tribal-City Units> Small towns. The Moorish Monocan Empire domain was North into Canada, South to the Gulf of Mexico, East to the Atlantic Ocean and West to the Ohio Valley; and law and order was maintained by their supreme Law of the Land, i.e., The Constitution of the Five [Five symbolized complete unity and not individual states] Nations a.k.a. the Great Law of Peace [>Islam]; and Originally called GayanashaGowa.

The MonoKhan/MoRoKhan Confeoderati was primarily, principally and predominately Mauros complexioned and Copper/Coffee hues. The legendary founders of the Great Law of Peace were DeKanawidah (an Angel of the Lord) and Hiawatha (the man who wrestled with the Angel of the Lord> Jacob). The pine or White Pine was the National Symbol of the United People and this same Pine symbol' transferred to the Official Flag of the United States of America centralized in the United States in Congress Assembled: and historically called the Continental Congress Flag of 1775.

The leaders of United peoples of America was the MoRhocKs [pronounced Mohocks]; and now falsely written as Mohawks. The Lenape Moorish Monocan Empire strayed away from the Great Law of Peace, warred amongst themselves, at the behest of their British Denizens, reinstituted Slavery of Caucasian people and adopted Christianity. By 1677 the Monocan Moors were forced into a treaty as "Liege Subjects" with Lord Charles II, which, by 1729-1774 the Monocan "corrupt" Empire was all but finished. See, e.g., Virginia Colonial Records- 1677 Treaty, Between Virginia And The Indians.

However, by July 4th, 1776 The Resurrected Monocan Moors Pronounced to the World the Authentic “A Declaration” By the Representatives of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, In General Congress Assembled [not to be confused with the Denizen British Proprietors "Declaration of Independence". For further information on free Moors/ Maures people in pre-Columbian America, see “Strangers In Their Mist”, S. & R. McLeRoy and “The Melungeons, Brent & Robyn Kennedy”.

On that note, in the words of Marvin Gaye: “Make Me Holler and Throw Up Both My Hands”!

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