To the President of the United States ...... Five Star Trust $800 Trillion Humanitarian Projects

December 14, 2009

The Honorable President of the United States
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC 20500
Re: Five Star Trust $800 Trillion Humanitarian Projects

Dear Mr. President:

This is designed to address the financial crisis which has reached a critical state and we believe we are in a position to offer a potential immediate solution. Due to our awareness of the confidential nature of off-balance sheet funds within the banking system, notably on the “GREY SCREEN” totaling well in excess of $1,000 Trillion, we are in a position to have the acknowledgment of various apparent authorized signatories who have agreed to dedicate and submit the said referenced accounts included herein to a “Pay-It-Forward” humanitarian and social-economic system.

It has been agreed for the first time by the apparent signatories of these funds to pool the funds into the “Pay-It-Forward” Portal so there is no longer a dispute over history and ownership including personal, corporate, government or Heritage. Therefore upon the “release and resolution” of these funds they will be dedicated and submitted to the world. Agreements could then be potentially signed off to relinquish and vanquish debt obligations associated with these funds.

We presently have many projects that have been allocated Cage and Dunn numbers, as well as UN, and IMF approved projects; which are ready to be funded in this capacity, if acceptable.

Our Proposed Solution:

1. The emancipation of these funds to resolve the financial issues surrounding the costs of the health care bill as well as immediately wipe out the $12 trillion deficit and help to reset the system. We ask for your consideration that a very small portion of these funds be utilized for humanitarian purposes around the world including social-economic projects as defined below.

2.The setting up of an independent unilateral Task Force with the five signatories of the Trusts and five independent international non-political committee members to determine the dissemination of the funds available for humanitarian and socio-economic projects. This would be a Pay-It-Forward System that delegates the needs for the projects.

At no time would these funds be used for anything military or to do with arms. This is for the peace and betterment of the World and mankind. The Task force would liaise with governments from West to East as well as U.N. and world authorities.

The Task Force would assist and support all projects for Peace; Education; Health; Housing; Medical; Innovative Technologies; Social-economic developments; Alternative Energy and Care and Assistance to the Poor; Elderly; Needy and the problems of hunger worldwide. The independent Task Force will be non-political and unilateral, non-racial, cross-cultural, non-secular and universal exclusive of any and all terrorist groups.

In conjunction with and the approval of the Committee of 300, The European Economic Commission, The Asian Elders and Authorities, the UN, the World Bank, IMF, The Hague and any and all other relevant authorities; we would ask than an Executive Order be issued post haste to give authority for the use of these dollar accounts for the purposes discussed herein; not only to support the need for stability in the present financial crisis but to resolve the issues relating to these funds once and for all for the benefit of all.

Trades could be put into place by mirroring the off balance sheet funds and the profits from the trades invested in humanitarian projects, infrastructure, housing, etc. to put people back to work and avoid economic catastrophe and further collapse within the financial system. We would also like to make a further request to the relevant authorities on the related Euro and Sterling accounts for permission to do the same.

This letter is written with the utmost urgency due to the fact that we have been advised that time is extremely critical on this subject, and we would most humbly request for absolute and immediate action to taken for an Executive Order to be issued with this regard, so that many trillions of dollars will not be signed over to entities that have apparently made offers not to be refused.

Ernest Bey
Senior Administrative Trustee
Senior Accounts Manager
Five Star Trust

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