Obama and Bernanke Have Declared a Secret WAR ON THE DOLLAR



Obama and BernankeObama and Bernanke

Have Declared a Secret WAR ON THE DOLLAR

The shocking proof: Your buying power, your quality of life and your family’s future are being quietly but callously SACRIFICED on the altar of political convenience.

Here’s why Obama’s Fed chief, Benjamin S. Bernanke, is intentionally destroying the value of every dollar you earn and have saved or invested …

Why the secret meetings now being held by G-7 nations may mean the gradual but steady decline in the dollar you’ve seen so far is about to become an all-out CRASH …

The steps you must take IMMEDIATELY to preserve your buying power and to defend your quality of life, and …Which investments are most likely to MULTIPLY your wealth … even as the sun sets on the U.S. dollar!
An Urgent Special Report
Editor of Real Wealth Report,
Managing Editor of Uncommon Wisdom,
Executive Director of the Foundation for the Study of Cycles

Larry EdelsonIt’s the insidious, cynical trick rulers and central bankers the world over have always used when skyrocketing government deficits and debt threatened the collapse of their economies:

They deliberately devalue their own currencies.

It’s a desperation move of last resort — and every time a government employs this strategy, its people suffer. Entire fortunes are wiped out in the blink of an eye.

We never dreamed it could happen here. But it is happening. Right now; before our very eyes. And right here; in The United States of America.

The truth is, it’s happened before, in 1933 — when President Franklin Roosevelt and Fed Chief Eugene Black confiscated America’s gold and devalued the dollar … helping the stock market and depressed economy to BOTTOM.

What’s more, it is utterly irreversible: The ONLY way Washington can cover the massive mortgage debt and real estate crisis — and avoid deadly economic deflation — is to gut the greenback’s value and then repay those debts with cheaper dollars.

The actions you take now to help protect yourself and profit from this great dollar disaster will determine how well your family will weather the coming monetary cataclysm — and also how rich you’ll be for decades to come …

If the last two years in the global financial markets were enough to make your hair stand on end, just wait until you see the carnage I believe is still to come.

My name is Larry Edelson — and before I show you what I see in the cards for you, I think it’s only fair that I introduce myself:
For more than three decades now, I‘ve made studying the Great Depression of the 1930s and economic cycles — and trading the markets based on my knowledge of both — my passions in life.

What’s more, my work has been hugely profitable for my readers.

Since the early 1970s, I’ve successfully forecast nearly all the major turning points in the global financial markets, including:

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The inflationary fires of the 1970s and the resulting surge in gold …

The stock market crash of 1987 and its subsequent rally to new record highs three years later in 1990 …

The Persian Gulf War of 1990 and the S&L Crisis in the U.S. …

The 10-year rocket blast in oil beginning in 1998 …

The peak of the stock market bubble in 2000 and the subsequent Tech Wreck …

The 21-year bear market in precious metals ending in 2001 …

And in early 2002, I first alerted my readers to the train wreck slamming into the U.S. economy — and issued dire warnings that Washington’s record low interest rates, skyrocketing federal deficits and reckless spending would send the value of the U.S. dollar off a cliff — triggering a massive surge in select investments that soar when the dollar is plunging.

Plus … I’ve stated time and again that Asia’s record-breaking economic growth — especially the enormous growth in China — was being sorely underestimated by nearly everyone.
Since I made those forecasts:
The U.S. Dollar Index has plunged more than 36% from its high in 2002 …

Copper, corn and wheat prices soared more than 329%, 60% and 61% respectively …

Gold, took off like a moon shot, climbing more than 287% from $271 in 2002 to an all-time high of $1,049 an ounce — enough to turn a $50,000 investment into a $193,500 windfall …

Oil prices surged over 700% from under $20/barrel to a new all-time high of $145.29 — enough to turn $10,000 into $80,850… $50,000 into $404,000… or a $100,000 investment into more than $800,000 …

China began its meteoric rise, with its economy exploding to become the third largest in the world, while its stock market rocketed from 1,444 to 6,124 — a gain of more than 300% — quickly elevating it to its position as the best performing stock market in the world.

Please understand: I’m not telling you any of this to boast; only to demonstrate that the financial intelligence I’m about to give you is based on decades of thoughtful and, more often than not, accurate analysis.

I sincerely hope that, like my readers, you profited handsomely from each of these major market shifts. If not, please don’t worry: The Obama/Bernanke conspiracy to gut the dollar is about to present you with the greatest profit opportunities of our generation.

It will also present the gravest investment dangers any of us have ever faced. And the moves you make now to protect yourself and profit will make all the difference in how well you and your family weather this storm.

And that’s crucial — because … This is no mere “prediction.”

The greatest dollar disaster in U.S. history has already begun.

There’s no question that the once-proud U.S. dollar is now suffering through its most severe bear market in history.

The greenback has plunged a staggering 36% in value since 2002!The greenback has plunged a staggering 36% — in real trade-weighted terms — since its high of $120.2 in 2002.

That means every dollar in your wallet is really worth only 64 cents compared to just a few years ago … and that’s not even accounting for the rising price of goods and services!

Since March 4, 2009 alone, the widely watched U.S. Dollar Index has dropped more than 14.3%. In just these few, brief months, the greenback has plunged a whopping 15% against the euro and 14% against the British pound.

At every step in this great dollar decline, the Fed chief has sworn that he supports a strong dollar . He has promised that the dollar would retain its dominant role as the world’s reserve currency.

But in reality, Bernanke has done absolutely nothing to halt the dollar’s fall. To the contrary: The Fed Chief has been printing new, unbacked dollars like there’s no tomorrow — a move that can only cause the dollar’s value to vanish faster!

It’s almost enough to cause any reasonable person to question his competence. But the truth is, Bernanke knows exactly what he’s doing.

Why has the Fed chief failed to come to the dollar’s defense? Does he even know what causes a currency to rise or fall in value?

The answer is clearly that Mr. Bernanke knows exactly what he’s doing. In 2002 — during one of his most famous speeches — he stated:

“By increasing the number of U.S. dollars in circulation, or even by credibly threatening to do so, the U.S. government can also reduce the value of a dollar in terms of goods and services, which is equivalent to raising the prices in dollars of those goods and services.”

Make no mistake about it: Bernanke is fully aware of what’s needed to defend the dollar. He could light the fuse on the greatest bull market in the history of the greenback with the stroke of a pen if he wanted to.

In fact, the last thing Bernanke or his boss, President Obama, want right now is a strong dollar.

The sacking and burning of the U.S. economy has begun — led by the banks, brokers, and Washington itself.

And its survival rests in the hidden hands of a private corporation?

Contrary to popular belief, the Federal Reserve is not a government institution, but a private credit monopoly managing the supply of U.S. dollars. And it charges the Treasury — and hence, you, me, and every other taxpayer in America — for its services.
But while you may find this disturbing … even a conflict of interest … the real problem is the Fed makes its decisions behind closed doors — with little, if any, transparency or input from our elected officials.

The Fed’s web of shadowy deceit permeates every nook and cranny of the global financial system — affecting nations … governments … businesses … all the way down to you, me and every other individual on the planet.

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As was so eloquently stated by Louis T. McFadden, Chairman of the House Banking and Currency Committee in 1932:

“The sack of the United States by the Fed is the greatest crime in history. Every effort has been made by the Fed to conceal its powers, but the truth is the Fed has usurped the government. It controls everything here and it controls all our foreign relations. It makes and breaks governments at will.”

Everything that transpires in the global financial markets is, ultimately, bought and paid for through this ‘secret government’ — the Fed and its worldwide web of central bankers, government Treasury officials and economic ministers from the G-7 nations — and the Fed will ultimately be charged with fixing them.

Look, don’t get me wrong. When a nation’s economy is in as much trouble as ours, there’s not much else the government can do to pull itself out of it. So what Bernanke is doing is both justified and inevitable.

But HOW he’s doing it — keeping virtually all Americans in the dark, with no chance to protect themselves from the inevitable financial fallout — is utterly unconscionable.

And the situation is only made worse by the deflationists out there who simply do not understand what happened in the 1930s — or that it’s happening again, today.

Once you do understand this and examine this crisis through the eyes of Bernanke and his secret government, you also realize the answer is already written on the wall.

The sack of the United States by the Fed is the greatest crime in history. -Louis T. McFadden The current global financial system is irretrievably broken.

There’s simply no way it can recover from the mountains of debt originating largely in the U.S. — with more than $11.8 trillion of outstanding debts.

Despite massive amounts of liquidity injected into economies around the world and especially the U.S. — and despite trillions of dollars in bailouts — the global economy continues to deteriorate.

When the deadly combination of debt and deflation overpowers the economy as it is today, the patterns of history are crystal clear.

Governments spend wildly to try and reverse it, but to no avail. Economic growth continues to plunge. Bankruptcies soar. Asset markets stage surprising rallies, only to give way to more sudden panic selling.

And, ultimately … drastic times require drastic measures.

Governments begin to tinker with the value of money, debasing coin and currency. Finally, wholesale
monetary reform begins. New fiat money is issued to replace old money. Debts are inflated away by currency devaluation. Asset reflation begins anew.

And as we’ve already seen, this final phase of the global financial crisis — the destruction of our money’s value — has already begun.

Here’s why the decline in the dollar we’ve seen so far is only a taste of the massive crash in the value of your money on tap for 2010 and beyond …

Obama and Bernanke simply have no choice but to continue gutting the dollar’s buying power

Consider these facts:

“Central banks have been actively replacing their dollar reserves …”

The U.S. government’s official debt is at an all-time high of $11.8 trillion. Every year, Washington has to make a staggering $335.3 billion in interest payments just to avoid default on that debt. In fact, just the interest on the national debt now equals 12% of all federal spending.

The Federal Reserve is also in hock up to its eyeballs — the liabilities on its balance sheet have roughly DOUBLED — from $1.2 trillion a year ago to more than $2 trillion today …

Most terrifying of all with the first wave of 4 million baby boomers reaching retirement age this year, unfunded government IOUs are coming due on Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, Prescription Drugs, and Federal pension payments — and those obligations are enormous: An estimated $104 TRILLION.

Think of it: The U.S. government is now in debt to the tune of nearly 8.5 years worth of all the goods and services produced in this country by every man and woman in the workforce!

We are now the single most indebted nation in the history of the planet. We owe more to foreign investors, retirees and ordinary citizens than we could ever hope to repay.

And that’s not the half of it: This year, the Obama administration will add an all-time record $1.8 trillion to the national debt, pushing our budget deficits to almost 13% of GDP.

This year and every year for the foreseeable future, Washington will have to borrow 80% of the world’s surplus savings just to pay its bills!

Like a shopaholic living on a credit high, America’s whirlwind borrowing and spending spree is now hitting a brick wall

Overseas investors fund fully 50% of our borrowing addiction, holding $6.2 trillion in U.S. securities — including almost $4.6 trillion in bonds. They’re haunted by the spectacle of Washington’s spending binge.

“Larry, you tell it like it is. No “bull” — how quaint, refreshing, and maybe esoteric!”

— J.E., Cincinnati, OH

But even as investors worldwide begin to doubt America’s ability to bear its debts, yet alone pay them off, the U.S. government continues to ramp up spending — trying to hawk even more Treasuries to foreign lenders who are getting tired of footing the bill for our spendthrift ways … and are becoming increasingly skeptical of our ability to pay our debts.

The result: More foreign central banks, overseas fund managers and investors flee, leaving the U.S. government with no choice but to pump out more and more unbacked paper dollars and dump them into the economy — further eroding their value.

It’s a perpetual cycle that can only lead to one thing: printing presses blazing on overdrive … a massive surge in interest rates … an explosion of inflation … and the total destruction of our standard of living — at least, for those who aren’t aware or prepared for what is happening.

A new global reserve currency will soon crush the dollar.

Thanks in large part to the unprecedented explosion of deficits under the Obama administration … the U.S. Treasury’s dumping of record numbers of debt instruments on the market … and the Fed’s unlimited printing of money … foreign investors are recoiling in horror — even demanding that the greenback be abandoned as the world’s reserve currency.

The signs are all around us in bright, flashing neon:

The G-7’s funding of the IMF with $1 trillion … new regulatory powers … and broader use of the IMF’s Special Depository Receipts, or SDRs, confirms that the stage is being set for an eventual new monetary order.

China recently established a $95 billion currency swap with other Southeast Asian countries, and a $10 billion currency swap with Argentina — the first major yuan swap agreement with a Latin American country — directly threatening the dollar south of the border. Its goal: To aggressively take its yuan to the next sphere of influence in the currency markets, forcing a worldwide monetary change …

China is aggressively at work lobbying for a new global reserve currency and leading the effort to establish an Asian currency reserve fund …

South America’s Bank of the South will likely open its doors soon with seed capital from Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay and Uruguay. Its objective: Independence from the World Bank, the IMF and the U.S. dollar!

At the same time, calls for a new reserve currency from the U.N., France, India, Russia, Brazil and more — as well as economic thinkers such as George Soros and Nobel Prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz — are getting louder and louder.

Mark my words: Sometime in the not-too-distant future, the U.S. dollar will cease to exist as the world’s reserve currency.

When that happens, demand for dollars will fall off a cliff. The steady but gradual decline in the dollar’s value we’ve seen so far will deteriorate into an all-out rout.

This “Secret Solution” for the world’s debt crisis

will destroy what little is left

of the dollar’s value virtually overnight

In 1933, FDR confiscated gold, gutting the value of the dollar by 70% virtually overnight!It’s a strategy central bankers have employed in the past. One designed to ease severe financial crises and the burden of all bad debts in the world — by reducing the value of all paper, or fiat currencies — inflating away debts and thereby reinflating asset prices.

It was used in 1933 by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in an effort to help end the Great Depression, via Executive Order #6102.

By suddenly, artificially raising gold prices a whopping 69.3%, FDR effectively devalued the paper dollar and kick-started asset reflation in hopes the economy would crawl its way out of the deflationary spiral it was in.

Did it work? You bet it did!

But savers — those counting on their hard-earned money to get them through the depression unscathed — got annihilated as their greenbacks lost nearly 70% of their purchasing power in a single day!

If you think it can’t happen now, think again …

Some version of Roosevelt’s debt solution — suddenly gutting the value of a currency in order to repay debt with cheaper money — has been used by almost every country on the planet.

It was used repeatedly in ancient Rome. And it’s been used in Brazil, Russia, Argentina, France, Australia, the UK and in many other countries since the 1940s.

So there are plenty of precedents. This time, however, there will be no confiscation of gold — even the hint of the "C" word would trigger riots across the globe.

But you know what? They don’t have to confiscate gold …

All they have to do is cease all gold sales, then raise the current official central bank price of gold from its booked value of $42.22 an ounce — to a price that monetizes a large enough portion of the world’s outstanding debts.

That way, just like in 1933, the debts become a fraction of reinflated asset prices (led higher by the gold price).

When it happens, it’s going to occur behind closed doors in a series of meetings of central bankers, government treasury officials and economic ministers from the largest economies in the world.

“Larry, your warnings have kept me out of harm’s way in a declining and volatile market. Thank you.”

— D.M., Las Vegas, NV

In fact, the process has already begun with the explicit calls you’ve been hearing in the press from heads of state for “a new financial architecture” … “a new Bretton Woods” … “new financial regulatory structures.”

The actual announcement may take months, or perhaps even a year or two, to unfold. But I have absolutely no doubt that money — the U.S. dollar and every other major paper currency — will soon be gutted of its value by decree.

There is simply no other way out. No other way for Washington to make good on the estimated $104 TRILLION it owes. No other way for the other G-7 nations to service the equally massive debts they’ve piled up.

Every central banker and savvy politician in the world realizes the only way out is for the dollar and every other major currency to plunge in value. And the only way for that to happen is for the G-7 to make it happen — by dictating higher gold prices and by extension, higher prices for silver, energy, food, and the resources required for construction and manufacturing. Even for select real estate markets!

Sky-high inflation dead ahead!

In 1923, German Papiermarks burned longer than the amount of wood they could purchase!Inflation will catapult so high that, in four years, it will take at least twice as much income just to survive. You’ll need to pay $100,000 for what $50,000 costs you today.

It could get much worse: In 1923 Germany, inflation was so rampant some people fed Papiermarks into their stoves, because they burned longer than the amount of wood they could purchase. And while this sounds extreme, the signs are everywhere that we’re swiftly heading down the same path.

This will NOT be the relatively mild but still devastating inflation of years past, caused by higher energy prices, soaring wages or even shortages in select commodities.

The coming hyperinflation will be triggered by the death of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency … a collapse in confidence in the U.S. government … and the ensuing stampede of global investors out of the dollar and into things that protect them as the dollar careens into the abyss.

I have no doubt that within 12 to 18 months, we will likely see some of this country’s highest inflation rates ever — well into the double digits.

That’s why, when the cat is finally out of the bag, it will spark a stampede of investors fleeing the dollar and flooding into hard assets — triggering massive volatility in all markets — driving the prices of gold, oil, gas, coal, agricultural commodities and more into the stratosphere!

As you might suspect, it’s going to affect you in ways most people haven’t even begun to fathom. It will mean …

The purchasing power of your money will collapse like a house of cards.

The prices of the most basic goods and services will soar.

Savers will be left in the dust as the value of their cash implodes.
For the unprepared, it will be a disaster of epic proportions. But for those who truly understand history, the profit opportunities will be almost boundless and found in every corner of the globe!

The world’s savviest investors are ALREADY hedging against this rapidly unfolding dollar disaster — and they’re making money hand over fist!

Sophisticated investors the world over know exactly what Bernanke and other central bankers are doing — and they’re already buying investments that soar when the dollar sinks with both hands.

I’m talking about tangible investments — assets that have real, intrinsic value and are truly subject to the fundamental laws of supply and demand.
You can already see the first major signs appearing over the horizon:

Sugar is up 36% in just three months …

“Thanks, Larry, for your advice. I saved close to 4000€ by getting out of the market on time, and even made ~ 1000€ on gold. Getting out timely is as important as to know when to get back in, and you’ve helped us just do that.”

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Soybeans have soared 49% so far this year to $12.64 a bushel …

Natural gas has jumped 31% since its low earlier this month

Crude oil is exploding — up 52% since its low in February …

Pork prices are up 12% since reaching a low in August.

Cocoa prices are up 42% since bottoming in early March, while cotton prices have increased 40%.

Ultimately, we will see gold at $2,250 an ounce … oil at $200 a barrel … sharply higher prices for almost every natural resource under the sun — including a tripling or quadrupling of agricultural prices … coal prices … even the price of water.

How to protect yourself and profit
The Obama administration’s brutal war on the dollar is rapidly giving rise to a “perfect storm” of cataclysmic proportions for the global economy — and will continue generating massive profit potential in select contra-dollar investments well into the future.

A good way to begin protecting yourself immediately is by hedging your portfolio against the dangers of the falling dollar with the PowerShares DB U.S. Dollar Index Bearish Fund (UDN). This exchange traded fund (ETF) replicates the performance of being short the U.S. dollar against the euro, Japanese yen, British pound, Canadian dollar, Swedish krona and Swiss franc … without you shorting the currencies.

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Of course, not every trade is a winner — with any strategy, losses can happen. And with any trade, your results may vary depending on the prices you receive and the commissions you pay. But I’m sure you’ll agree these are some terrific gains.

Nevertheless, I’m convinced they’re just a drop in the ocean compared to the gains we’re about to make in the weeks and months ahead — as the dollar falls from grace and is replaced as the world’s reserve currency … launching natural resources into the stratosphere!

The lives of those who bury their head in the sand waiting … hoping … that this mayhem will simply blow over will be irrevocably changed forever.

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Supplies of almost ALL natural resources are cratering at catastrophic rates

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Let’s face it: We both know the global markets are already in serious chaos. Now, Obama and Bernanke’s secret war on the dollar and the epic uprising of China and the Asian economy are set to unleash devastating losses on nearly everyone … making for some very gloomy days ahead, indeed.

“Larry Edelson really knows the current financial situation and knows how to make money — even in the midst of a bull market and a falling dollar. Larry wants to help people make profitable investments. That’s his goal, and I recommend him very highly.”
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We also know we can’t rely on our government for a magic bullet to pull us out of this crisis. Because despite mountains of evidence, Washington continues to cover up the truth and undermine the value of every dollar and dollar-denominated investment we own.

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