Mr. Bey, what introductory message would you leave meeting a woman through Internet dating?

By Ernest Bey
Wednesday, November 25, 2009 at 2:06pm

Hello beloved,

When the world Seems to be unfair, and it seems as though nobody seems to care, When the people you know Just somehow disappear, Whom you needed the most Just left you in tears. You cry out for someone but nobody hears, at the same time longing for the embrace of somebody dear.

When you want all the pain to come to an end, Just come to me, I'll be your friend. Even More than a Friend, that is, if you allow me?

How are u doing hope you are cool and how is your family and work, hope everything is going on smoothly, is my pleasure to know u better, I was passing through and your profile whisper my ear and says this is the right person you are looking for, when I saw your profile on here for the first time, it was so pretty and secure, although beauty wasn't what I was searching for, I was amazed that my heart could still beat that hard, you were the most woman my heart had laid eyes on.

Your personality of and fun loving is very attractive to me. You seem quite intelligent and have a mature perspective on life.

I'm looking for a long term relationship maybe could lead to marriage if things work out well, one I could spend the rest of my life with. Have you ever dream of having that man who makes it all complete in your life and who you can adore in return?

Has it ever flashed across your mind that there is one man who can give you a shoulder when you need something to lean on; give you an embrace when you need a hug; give you a kiss of life for a peck and angelic wings for flight when there is need for you to catch up with good fortunes? Oh! How I wish you would be that one person..Yes How do you explain a life time filled with fun, pleasure and memorable moments?

What word can qualify going to the movies with that special person, probably watching some old movies together? The joy that two can share is just heavenly, when there is a true beginnings communion.. All it takes is a few strokes of your fingers, and a good will to live happy. Should I say ever after? Hon. My heart is generous cause my spirit is abundant, and my love eternal.

First time I ever said that, I guess I am true, and I hope you like it. You see the difference of just having fun, and getting serious are far apart. What else can replace traveling, going on holiday resorts, clubbing occasionally and taking a late night rest time garnished with a romanti bath in a Jacuzzi with that loved person in one's life?

All these and many more can actually replace the stress, pains, and disappointments of life with glimmers of endless hope and faith. On that note, “I'm knocking Sista, will you come inside and make my heart your home”?

Ernest Bey

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