By Ernest Bey

More about the Emperor’s trip to the US

The Japanese Emperor visited the US this week to sign some 1930’s Chinese imperial gold backed bonds. The Black Dragon Society had the funds frozen again for the following reasons: First of all the Imperial family signed a secret agreement at the end of World War 2 making them subservient to the Rockefeller family. Secondly, the money was going to be used to fund the phony “global warming” campaign being run by George Soros, Al Gore and that lot. Furthermore a very senior Chinese official was offered the job of “world emperor” for going along with this. We cannot allow the symbol of the Japanese people to be misused by a malevolent foreign power. The money does not belong to a small clique of foreign power brokers, it belongs to the people of the world.

On a related note we can confirm from multiple reliable sources that Nazi power broker Henry (Heinz) Kissinger has been missing for several days. He could be either dead or hiding in an underground base.
The emperor returns from the US empty-handed, the Chinese demand an explanation

The Japanese emperor returned empty-handed from his recent trip to Washington. The Chinese sent a Vice-Premier to Tokyo to demand an explanation. The answer is this: the world is facing a crisis with millions if not hundreds of millions of people starving even as we humans continue to devastate our natural environment. The people of the world are tired of paying for this and will not accept the fascist, fraudulent agenda being pushed at Coppenhagen. They demand that the world’s financial resources be spent on ending poverty, stopping environmental destruction and releasing the forbidden technology for the benefit of all. They want the deserts to be turned green, they want the oceans to be replenished with fish and they want every child on earth to have a full mind and a full stomach. No other solution is acceptable. If necessary, a hundred-million-man-army will be assembled to enforce the wishes of humanity.

A major financial attack on Asia may be imminent

According to a European based Treasury agent, a major financial attack on Asian currencies is imminent. Among the people involved are the men by the names of Dragi and Emroullah previously mentioned in this blog as well as a Bulgarian man by the name of Viktor Danitzov. The attack involves extremely large denomination Treasury certificates. The attack is meant as revenge against the imminent implosion of the Euro and the dollar.

In a related note, a senior MI6 sources says he is hearing there will be a bank holiday starting on December 16th. Whether this is for the US only or worldwide is not yet clear. We shall see.This week I was shown a wonderful, suppressed invention

The biggest obstacle to world prosperity has been energy. This week I was shown an invention that could change all that. The Ryukyu Electric Power Company showed me a battery they have developed that can store large volumes of electricity at over 90% efficiency. These batteries would make it possible to start up the business model of handing out free solar panels and batteries to households and collect a small monthly fee for a couple of years. After that the households would own it and would never have to pay an energy bill again.

For some mysterious reason no Japanese bank will lend them money and no big corporation will help them get this into production. The reason of course is that up until now anybody who tried to market products of this sort was killed or otherwise suppressed by the big energy companies. According to the American Academy of Science over 6,000 patents have been suppressed in the US alone for “national security reasons.” Once this suppressed technology is released we will be able to live in a science fiction reality.
The money sprinklers are running scared as the new financial system looms

All those little old men who ran the world by sprinkling illusory funny money are running very scared now. Their system of control lasted so long, they thought they were above the law and above God. They are now getting their come-uppance. In Japan all they had to do was hand out a few billion in bribes in order to steal trillions. The people who worked for this system (mostly gangsters and politicians) are all worried about their futures. Only a few of the top traitors like Nakasone need to worry. Japan will be getting back its trillions so we can pay all the subordinates double what they used to get if they promise to never again betray their country.

On a different note, there are logistical and technological issues to deal with before the new financial system can be launched. The best guess is January 2010 at the earliest. At that point people will get their money back.

On a further note, we are hearing that all the top Nazis in the US, from Henry (Heinz) Kissinger on down, are now under arrest. When people find out what these criminals did to the people of the world there will be a lot of anger. Despite the huge injustices that have taken place, now is a time for forgiveness, not revenge.It is time to discipline the Japanese corporate media

The other night I got called by Fuji Television, a major Japanese network. They told me they wanted to invite me to speak on a news program about Obama’s economic policies. I explained to them that Obama was presiding over an economic disaster of historic proportions. Using only data that came from official sources I showed how the real unemployment rate was 17.5%. I explained in detail how the US government was faking its economic data. I showed how Obama borrowed $1 trillion from the Chinese last year and had already spent it and was not getting any more. I told them to check various governments official data to confirm that no foreigners were buying US government bonds. They asked me to look at the site called I looked at it and explained to them that it was all smoke and mirrors. It was just unkept promises and feel good talk. The TV producer told me to wait a minute because he had to talk to his superior. He then said to me “I am sorry but your television appearance has been cancelled. The aim of this program is to convince the Japanese they should imitate the US.” In other words a so-called “news” program decides in advance what it wants to tell the Japanese people and damn the facts. Running a program like that for an evil foreign group is treason. Real news programs just objectively provide the facts and let the people form their own opinions. We are calling for an international advertizing boycott of Fuji Television until they clean up their act. We are also asking people to phone Fuji Television and ask for their public relations department to explain why they are doing this. Fuji’s telephone number is 813-5500-8888. It is time to discipline the corporate media worldwide.The UN, the IMF, the World Bank and the European Union are all doomed

The shift of the global financial center of gravity to Asia means that the United Nations, the IMF, the World Bank and probably the European Union are all doomed institutions. This is already beginning to manifest itself in the form of increasingly desperate high-level phone calls from these various institutions asking for Asian money. They are being told no because all of these institutions are corrupt and have inflicted pain and suffering on many people around the world.

We will need to replace these institutions with entirely new ones to be built from scratch. The Chinese would like to have a new United Nations to be headquartered in Laos. It is also likely that many arbitrary colonial borders will be redrawn as a part of this move.

Hong Kong is going to replace the City of London as the world’s main financial center.

The Chinese have also already replaced the World Bank as the world’s biggest helpers of developing nations. An entirely new institution is going to be set up in Japan to replace the IMF.

The Western countries will be increasingly marginalized and cut off from the global flow of trade until they stop their endless, mindless war-mongering. However, once the West purges its body politic of the evil cabal that infected it, it will use its still superior technical and scientific might for the greater good of humanity and the planet. The uncorking of all the suppressed scientific knowledge will trigger the start of an age of wonder and discovery.

Also, since we do not know what is out there in the universe, the West’s superior military ability will be used to protect the planet in the case of any emergencies.

Soon, we are all going to be living on a much nicer planet.

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