By Ernest Bey



Following further intransigent obstruction, the Chinese parties who obtained the necessary World Court Writ of Execution and Lien on the US Treasury and the Federal Reserve, duly exercised their powers and imposed the Lien on or around 6th December 2009. The Lien against the Treasury is in the sum of $47 trillion, which is approximately the aggregate identified by this service in 2007.

As happened shortly after the ‘lockdown’ of the $14.0+ trillion sovereign funds including the $6.2 trillion LOAN money provided by the British Monarchical Power [referenced again below] on 10th-12th September 2008, when the Editor’s voicemail received a message consisting of a recording of three actual gunshots, two specific threats, mentioned in an Update to the previous posting, were received on Sunday 6th December 2009, the date on which the Lien is believed to have been implemented. Transcriptions of these threats are given in Note 1 below (1) .


We have obtained special confirmation of the foregoing Lien intelligence, otherwise, self-evidently, we would not have published this information. Furthermore, we have taken extra precautions to ascertain whether publishing this would be liable to ‘cause any difficulties’, and we have been advised that no impediment to publishing it has even been hinted at, although the fact that we possess the information ‘is known’. Indeed you will have observed that we have waited for a number of days in order to be sure that this shattering intelligence is fully confirmed.

We have been emphatically and authoritatively advised, since 10th December, that it is. We obtained reiterated confirmation of this intelligence, from New York, on 12th December.


Within the $47 trillion is the previously mentioned $14.0+ trillion, and that aggregate in turn embraces the above-noted $6.2 trillion of funds stolen from the British Monarchical Power by the criminal US Government, to which frequent reference has been made in this column. Those funds were transferred by the Bank of England to the criminal enterprise, Bank of New York Mellon (as it became, effective 1st July 2007), on 19th-20th June 2007 under levy, as we reported at the time.

Instead of disbursing the funds for the on-the-books Dollar Refunding Programme, as required by the sovereign LENDER, the named institution was party to a conspiracy involving other US criminal enterprise financial institutions, to divert and steal those real funds for use as a ‘platform base’ for leveraged financing operations to buttress their self-serving financial carousel.


After this had become fully apparent, and in response to this Editor’s strenuous recommendation on 6th September 2008 that the $6.2 trillion, in particular, was being abused in this manner, and that this state of affairs was intolerable – and further, that irrespective of the consequences, the only language these criminals would ever understand would be the removal of the funds from access by them and their associates – the entire $14.0+ trillion (within which total resided OTHER, non-British, sovereign monies) were placed into ‘lockdown’ (i.e. beyond the reach of the criminal operatives at the US Treasury and elsewhere) on 10th-12th September 2008 – a development that triggered the extreme crisis that overwhelmed London and New York at the beginning of October.

Coincidentally or not, scalar Hurricane IKE which developed on 13th September 2008 was probably intended to destroy the oil refineries and offshore oil platforms in the Houston area – the heart of the US oil industry. A sudden and temporary collapse of oil prices then followed, as did a quadruple witching day for commodities on Friday 19th September. Certain parties who had probably hoped to ‘make a killing’ that week, were wiped out instead.


It has since become apparent that the British Government appeared to have NO CLUE as to these background circumstances concerning the ‘lockdown’ of the $14.0+ trillion, given the subsequent statements by Ministers such as the City Minister, Lord Myners, that the financial system was within hours of disintegration at a critical stage that October.

A few days after the $14.0+ trillion was placed into ‘lockdown’, the Editor’s voicemail was enlivened (on the morning of 20th September) by a recording of three actual gunshots, as we reported at the time [see above]. This was an intelligence operation, as the recording could not be recaptured after being played the first time.

The Editor subsequently received special protection during his visit to Washington and New York for the Annual Meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank in October 2008.


On 8th December 2009, sources advised us that ‘a number’ of associates of Godfather George H. W. Bush and of the triple-agent Dr Henry (‘Heinz’) Kissinger were arrested on that date. Earlier we learned that three close associates of Bush 41 had been arrested: although the total was changed to five within 24 hours.

However despite several further, entirely separate, sources telling us that Kissinger is in jail, we have been specifically advised (as of 12th December) by authoritative inside sources that this IS NOT CONFIRMED. The position here is that when the authoritative source was asked to confirm this information, it was NOT confirmed. (This may be because he is 'no longer with us: see below). Had the source been able to confirm it, he would have done so, in conformity with the etiquette that we are told nothing officially: but if we establish information independently and then ask whether it is true, we are told: confirmed, not confirmed, or: we can neither confirm nor deny what you say.

For the time being, therefore, while we were naturally inclined to accept the accuracy of these reports about Kissinger, we cannot confirm them at the time of posting. Likewise, a report that Godfather Bush Sr.’s financial sorcerer-in-chief, Dr Alan Greenspan, was also arrested, cannot be confirmed at this time, either.

However you will recall that we have reported on two separate earlier occasions that Greenspan was arrested: and both those reports stand. Greenspan REMAINS under arrest, but is thought to be tagged. He may thus appear on TV talk shows as though nothing ever happened, which is NOT TRUE. On Sunday 13th December, Greeenspan was seen jabbering away as usual on NBC.


Concerning Kissinger, we are told that ‘nobody wants to discuss Kissinger’. Now why would this be? Is it because this thoroughly nasty piece of work commands an army of paid assassins? Why are ‘authorities’ reluctant to talk about him? [Possibly because he IS dead – Ed.].

Possibly because, as we have reported, Kissinger is or was the actual controller of the long-range pan-German Abwehr strategic deception and penetration of the United States, effectively Bush Sr.’s handler-controller, and a top ‘Black’ operative serving several foreign intelligence masters simultaneously, and the ‘Black’ international demonic master, as well. Kissinger is believed to have been the German who arrived at the satanic mass held in the Chapel of St Peter and St Paul in the Vatican that is described in detail in the

Editor's book The New Underworld Order.
Those insiders who are reluctant to talk about this evil man may well be concerned that, as the unravelling accelerates, the full horror and depth of the long-range Nazi penetration will be exposed – taking many US operatives down, as the veil of secrecy surrounding the Nazi Fifth Column and its US collaborators is stripped away for the American people to see.


As previously reported, and as is also explained in the Editor’s study The New Underworld Order, Kissinger persuaded President Gerald Ford (real name: Leslie Lynch King) to sack William Colby as Director of Central Intelligence and to substitute George H. W. Bush, a CIA operative of German Jewish ethnic background ‘present at’ the assassination of President Kennedy, who had taken steps to base the dollar on silver and to curtail the activities of the US Intelligence Power.

Kissinger is believed to have taken over from Admiral Wilhelm Canaris, who was not hanged on 9th April 1945 at Flossenberg in accordance with the Nazi disinformation legend, but continued the war against the Main Enemy ‘by other means’ (Lenin).

Specifically, Canaris surfaced and based his subsequent US subversion operations in the State of Oklahoma. As a result, the files of resident Nazis holding details of the entire Nazi penetration were stored in Oklahoma City – uncoincidentally in the Murrah Building, which was blown up into the sky in the Oklahoma City Bombing. This background and the importance of the Nazi intelligence chief in the German-occupied USSR, General Reinhard Gehlen, who had persuaded the willingly gullible US Establishment that Stalin was preparing to invade Western Europe with 225 divisions, when in fact he had precisely one and a half divisions that were mechanised, the rest being horse-drawn – and was bogged down imposing oppressive régimes on his newly acquired satellites in Europe – is also elaborated in the Editor’s book, as is the little-known reality that the Cold War was postulated by Nazi General Reinhard Gehlen as the cover behind which the Nazi International would continue its subversion operations against the ‘Main Enemy’ – Britain and the United States.

• FACT: Documents stored in the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City also included Clinton drug-trafficking investigation materials. There was no truck and no truck bomb: hi-tech was used.

KISSINGER ASSOCIATES EXECUTED BY M1- At about 1:00pm New York time on 13th December, the Editor learned that prominent associates of Kissinger and two corrupt bankers ‘working for’ Kissinger have been ‘executed’, and that these horizontalisations were performed by MI-6 – it is believed, on Saturday 12th December 2009.

This development sent a sharp message inter alia to Timothy Geithner, who blocked the payouts to the country recipients at 9.30 am on Friday 11th December, despite the fact that President Obama had signed off for the countries to be paid, on Wednesday 9th December. As indicated elsewhere in this report, Geithner has been reported to us to be in quote ‘very serious trouble’ unquote.

These executions will also send a message to the Nazi Continuum to the effect that any further criminal sabotage and disruption will not be tolerated by the powers that still really matter in this world, and that key elements within the ‘Main Enemy’ have at long last woken up from their 64-year slumber in the face of this Nazi onslaught, with a vengeance.


Execution of the Chinese et al. Lien against the US Treasury and the Federal Reserve has been accompanied by the most monumental collective auditing operation in US history, undertaken by personnel who arrived on those seven aircraft [see preceding report, and below]. The background to this, in part, is that certain Bush-appointed so-called ‘Trustees’ are reported to have had side obligations, to redirect funds on settlement to Bush 41, Clinton 42 and Bush 43.

One purpose of the international audit, therefore, is to prevent any such corrupt diversions taking place. Any Trustee or banker/associate found engaged in such activity would be/has been arrested.


Recall that on 2nd December 2009, seven aircraft (plus one plane consisting of Interpol personnel) arrived from abroad packed with ‘world suits’ to enforce the Settlements and to back up the World Court’s Writ of Execution and Lien issued to recover the officially hijacked and stolen Chinese and sovereign real funds. As we p;artly reported, the planes disgorged representatives of the payee countries, dignitaries, their special advisers, bankers, auditors and intelligence personnel onto US soil, accompanied by further heavily armed enforcement cadres to supplement the work of the 72 armed enforcement operatives who had arrived in the United States, as a kind of ‘advance party’, in November. An eighth aircraft, packed with Interpol officials, also arrived in the United States.

Shortly after these arrivals, the officials and other personnel were sworn in, over a period of two days, at the US Department of Justice, in conformity with the requirement under international law that such designated personnel must be sworn in on the territory of the country against which the World Court’s Writ of Execution and Lien has been handed down.

It is apparent that the Chinese and sovereign parties refrained from exercising the Lien (or Liens) to start with, on the forlorn assumption that the US official criminal operatives who were holding the whole world to ransom would finally succumb to common sense and would now cease to block the releases. This did not happen, so the Chinese and sovereign parties exercised the Lien in order to put an end to this desperate game of cynical bluff.


On his arrival in the United States in the evening of 11th December, the Editor learned that Timothy Geithner, the US Treasury Secretary, attempted, at 9.30 a.m. New York time on that date, to prevent payments to the country payees, after President Obama had signed off on the country payments on Wednesday 9th December 2009. Like Rahm Emanuel, Geithner evidently thought he could deceive the President of the United States and go behind his back, with impunity. On Sunday evening [see below] he was disabused, we believe, of that delusion.

We then received conflicting reports on this matter; but it transpired, nevertheless, that some of the country payees were paid on that date, and that related payout operations would continue all night and all day on Saturday 12th December – when more recipient countries were paid. This had obvious implications for further progress in the days immediately ahead.


We were also repeatedly informed that Mr Geithner is quote ‘in very serious trouble’. On 13th December, we learned that a confrontation with Geithner of the utmost severity would occur at 8.00pm on that date, notwithstanding that, following the executions of Dr Kissinger’s associates by MI-6 – NOT by the Chinese, but by British intelligence – Settlement payouts involving the country recipients had reportedly been proceeding, albeit in a somewhat jerky fashion.

At this meeting, Geithner was to be told to give up certain information and banking codes on the spot, or he would ‘be history’. We question whether this meeting, attended no doubt by Chinese, MI-6, Interpol and other enforcers, will have taken place in a plush, carpeted environment.


It was also stated that while some countries had been paid, Dubai and Saudi Arabia have NOT been paid – which, at first glance, strongly implied that those countries which have failed to cooperate, have colluded in the fraudulent derivatives operations and have shown no inclination to clean up their acts, may be being penalised.

We have completely separate reason to believe that the Saudi authorities have all along conducted themselves, shall we say, ‘in a less than candid’ manner in the overall context of this crisis.

However Saudi Arabia and Dubai were never in fact on the list of countries to be paid. They are essentially ‘Mr Cheney’s problem’. The Saudis are believed to have been at the receiving end of certain promises (delivered by the Bush-Cheney apparat), and they were reported to us on Sunday 13th December to be ‘furious’ at being excluded. The phrase ‘long spoon’ springs to mind here.


Even so, given past experience, you will not be surprised to learn that notwithstanding all of the above, pockets of late resistance to the releases persisted right up to these developments, even though we were told, as indicated, that Timothy Geithner, the US Treasury Secretary, was quote ‘in very severe trouble’ unquote. We were also informed late on Friday 11th December 2009 that ‘very heavy threats’ had been issued by enforcement, one obvious recipient of such threats (‘perform or else’) being Geithner. Likewise we have also been told that several batches of people who ‘stood in the way’ were horizontalised during the week ending 11th December. The 'very heavy threats' obviously went unheeded among Kissinger's associates: hence the summary executions by MI-6.

Among the associates of Kissinger thought to have been horizontalised earlier were two of his bodyguards. One may well ask, why does/did Kissinger need a bodyguard or minder? This is a legitimate question, and the answer is the same as the answer to the question: why did Bush 43 need a whole army of sharpshooters, thuggists and other armed ‘protective’ personnel, when he visited London? Because these people are organised criminal gangsters; and gangsters, being in permanent fear of their lives, need all-year-round, 24/7 protection.

Standing back from the situation, the ghastly reality is that the United States is unique in the world, in that it does not have a legitimate government like other countries. It has had an ‘administration’ in lieu of a government for about 150 years, and this administration has long since been penetrated by organised criminal elements masquerading as legitimate appointed and elected officials.

Moreover the criminalised ‘administration’ is itself directly controlled by one of the monsters it has spawned, namely the vast Intelligence Power – which, with its brainwashed and brutalised Military Power, has a vested interest in the continuation of this ‘Black’ status quo in general, and with the perpetuation of the illicit financial mechanisms it has developed in order to be able to finance itself and its ‘Black’ operations independently of Congress, in particular.

That is why the arrogant US Military Power no longer even bothers to deny that its soldiers now stand guard over Afghani opium crop fields, some of which are protected by specially constructed high breezeblock walls. This 'Black' crop today supplies 92% of the world’s illegal opium, so that Afghanistan under the corrupt US-led invasion force now accounts for most of the heroin that is consumed in North America and Europe.

Given that the so-called ‘Taliban’ (of whom no-one had heard prior to the invasion in 2001) had virtually eliminated the entire Afghan opium crop after they came to power, it is crystal clear that the entire purpose of this scandalous war was to reverse that achievement and to seize control over the heroin business, not least in order to ensure continued liquidity ‘on the books’ in the interbank market. Disgracefully, the British Ministry of Defence continues to ignore our repeated request for a formal written explanation, leaving nothing out, of what British troops are dying in Afghanistan for; while pictures of military funerals of our young men continue to appear on the front and inside pages of British newspapers.

Note, incidentally, that bland reports of this scandal appear from time to time MINUS any outrage.

The key reason for this is that the ‘mainstream’ and Internet sources addressing this issue are controlled. This is a very subtle operation. By detailing the FACTS devoid of condemnation, the impression is subliminally conveyed that nothing can be done about this truly hideous state of affairs, ‘so we’ve just got to learn to live with it’. But they said the same about the Fraudulent Finance crisis earlier in this decade: and look what’s happened!



Nevertheless it comes as no surprise that, even as the Chinese and sovereign ‘owners’ of the Writ of Execution, the Lien(s) and therefore of the Treasury, the Federal Reserve and the United States itself, carry out the necessary Treasury audit and have been standing ready, in case of continued default, to start the process of sequestering Americanassets around the world, a last-ditch, wholly incredible, ABSOLUTELY DESPERATE illegal DIALECTICAL plan is being hatched, quite possibly with the connivance of certain ‘bad eggs’ among Chinese intelligence cadres, to ‘mop up’ and capture the entire derivatives overhang through the issuance of new USD Notes ‘worth’ $1.12 quadrillion*, to be exchanged for the derivatives overhang ‘assets’.

No doubt Geithner was to be told to drop this idiocy at the unpleasant meeting arranged for 8.00pm on Sunday 13th December, at which figures MORE SENIOR THAN GEITHNER were to be present.

That suggested that the meeting would be attended by National Security Council operatives (the NSC being in reality ABOVE the Government, in conformity with the Leninist state system as well), the US Secretary of State (Mrs Clinton, who has been ‘cooperating’ of late and divulging sensitive information to appropriate authorities, including special judicial recipients), and President Obama himself – overseen by the Lien Principals (Chinese personnel, MI-6, Interpol and Swiss operatives, accompanied by heavily armed enforcers).

Alternatively, indications that Geithner had been summoned to a meeting, or would be taken to a meeting, by people 'more senior than Geithner himself', which is what we were told, may actually have been an oblique reference to Chinese and MI-6 operatives, since both are SENIOR TO ALL MEMBERS OF THE OBAMA GOVERNMENT by virtue of the Lien. These operatives would certainly either be heavily armed, or will have been accompanied by heavily armed personnel authorised to liquidate Geithner on the spot, should he have failed to cooperate [see below].


It is reported to us, even as the Settlement payouts proceed, that the intended Notes are/were to be issued via JP Morgan Chase and other familiar Wall Street names, in a rash, desperate, last-gasp attempt to ‘resolve’ the derivatives problem in one fell swoop – using a method of doing so that is criminal in the United States and will simply make the situation far worse (with the assistance of the usual ‘smoke and mirrors’ false accounting techniques). This is because 100% of fake derivatives products marketed in the United States are illegal under the 1933 and 1934 Securities Acts.


We understand that large numbers of platforms for trading have been prepared in readiness for the launch of this colossal Note issuance, the assumption being that with this new development, and with trading henceforth even taking place on the books (a ‘line’ which expert advisers dismiss as being ‘not true’), everything will be nice’n Basel-II and Basel-III compliant, so there won’t be any need for further controversy or debate about legitimacy.

• Wrong.

• First, as noted, marketing and undertaking transactions in derivatives securities are illegal in the United States under the 1933 and 1934 Securities Acts [see Legal Notes below]..

• Secondly, representations (that we have heard) that the trading via these new platforms is to take place on the books are absolute bunk, since such trades are illegal in the United States: hence, by definition, they CANNOT be undertaken on the books.

• Thirdly, the situation has changed in the following respect since prior to the major discontinuity triggered by the events of 10th-12th September, which in turn triggered Madoff’s redemption calls and resulted in the knock-on exposures of Stanford, Rothstein, et al: there is now zero tolerance in the ranks of angered and frustrated US law enforcement at the arrogance of these perpetrators – a state of affairs which has arisen, in part, thanks to the much greater awareness of what has gone wrong compared even to the situation two years ago.

The other reason for this hardened zero tolerance attitude is that US law enforcement cadres have been severely buffeted, inconvenienced and messed about for years by these criminal financiers: and they have finally had enough. They want drastic action to be taken against these serpents: and the proposed illegal securities marketing ploy provides the perfect opportunity for this to happen.

• We won't rub their noses in it too much by pointing out that we called strenuously for draconian action to be taken, two years ago. The process started then, but it was disgracefully aborted.


Hence it is further reported to us – and we would especially ask you to take careful note of this – that US Law Enforcement is now waiting patiently for this colossal Fraudulent Finance operation to proceed, because the intention is to charge the perpetrators forthwith with US securities and bank fraud. The matter was put to us on 12th December 2009 as follows:

‘US Law Enforcement are waiting for this to occur because they can’t wait to put shackles on these guys and frogmarch them to jail’ – as we would hope, in front of the TV cameras.

It may be speculated (but we do not know) that the Carlyle Group, Black Rock, HSBC, Barclays Capital, Warren Buffet, etc., are all involved in this exercise: in which case their officers who turn out to be perpetrators of and participants in this intended giga-securities scam will be cuffed and hauled off to face the Courts, while those among their number operating in the United States will finally learn the hard way all about the life cycle of the North American cockroach.

• It is understood that the mood of zero tolerance has even reached corrupt locations such as London, where law and financial markets enforcement have been adopting a progressively harder-line stance in the face of endemic white collar crime, in recent months.


The problem is that derivatives products are not illegal in other relevant countries – in Britain, for example. They SHOULD be: and the fact that NO STEPS have so far been taken in London to bring British securities market practice into line with the US legislation (which is at last being enforced, unlike the situation up to 2009), reveals straight away that the British authorities are double-minded and criminally complacent in the face of this crisis.


Thus, the extremely wayward British-Chinese institution HSBC is launching or has launched a new Divisible Note ‘worth’ $1.5 trillion, which may be a component of the $1.1 quadrillion* Note issuance that we have hereby exposed. As has happened on numerous earlier occasions, it can reasonably be expected that this exposure – of the intended $1.12 quadrillion* US Note issuance, contrary to the US Securities Acts of 1933 and 1934 [see Legal Notes ] – will kill this latest wheeze stone dead.

The fact that HSBC is launching a colossal $1.5 trillion Divisible Note, and the still volatile situation following implementation of the Lien against the Treasury and the Federal Reserve by the Chinese and sovereign injured parties, strongly implies that elements within the Chinese contingent are not behaving in a straightforward manner and may even be double-crossing the British Monarchical Power – which, in turn, would necessitate an appropriately vigorous response from The Queen’s MI-6 representatives who are overseeing Her Majesty’s interests in the United States.

• No doubt the summary executions of 'friends of Dr Kissinger' will have sent a message here.

It is also thought possible that tensions between the Bush Crime Family, the Clintons, and elements of the Chinese, may have reached explosive proportions. The new generation of Chinese seem to want to have their money paid out up front. Suffice it to say that in the light of this advanced phase of prospective obstruction, the green light has been awarded to this service for a comprehensive exposure of US and international financial criminality across a wide spectrum of perpetrators, and that you will be hearing further from us on this subject as soon as is practicable.


The Editor recently wondered (out loud) whether reports of the series of US Government single-bid contracts placed since 1999 with the Halliburton subsidiary of Kellogg, Brown and Root (KBR) to construct detention camps at undisclosed locations within the United States might ironically wind up catering not so much for ‘potential terrorists' and those who dislike US official corruption, but rather for the very large number of US attorneys, bankers, brokers, accountants, traders and others who are and have been engaged in multiple Fraudulent Finance operations, Ponzi schemes and criminal thefts and confiscations of private property on an industrial scale.

• That may not have been the original intention, but it could be the ironical end-result.


And the reason for this turn of events is that the problem is now so immense that it cannot be ignored, even outside the United States – where chaotic and disreputable governments like the British Government have made and continue to make a catastrophic mess of everything that they touch – working to agendas that have nothing to do with the priorities of the population, and (in the British context) compounding the domestic financial crisis by ring-fencing sacred political cattle like ‘schools’n’ospitals’ while continuing with permissive expenditure on frivolities such as the colossal overhang of make-work Quasi-Governmental Organisations (Quangos), and burdening the next two generations with sky-high taxes to pay for the never-ending catalogue of official bungling.

Following Chancellor of the Exchequer Alastair Darling’s Pre-Budget Report to Parliament on 9th December, the Institute for Fiscal Studies in London pointed out that the political ring-fencing of the ‘schools’n’ospitals’ sacred cows would mean that all other British Government Departments will soon be facing ‘severe cuts’. The Institute said that in real terms, the ‘cuts’ would average 19.2%, and would affect defence expenditure, higher education, transportation and housing (2) .

Over the next five years, the Chancellor plans to borrow an extra £707 billion – piled on top of the state’s existing debt, so that by the end of 2013-2014, the British Government will be crippled with debts of around £1.5 trillion, more than Britain’s current total annual output.

British Gross Domestic Product (GDP) will have contracted by 4.75% this year in real terms (and no-one really knows the real rate of inflation, which is much higher than officially reported), while the country’s debts are ballooning. The official (Darling) assumption that the UK’s annual growth rate will have reverted to around 3.5% by 2011, on which his projections of the debt schedule are based, are considered to be ridiculous by respected observers and by the International Monetary Fund, so the fiscal and financial shambles is likely to be far worse than has been officially predicted (3).


None of this comes as any surprise to Britons who have lived through the chaos created by earlier Labour Governments. Notoriously, they typically have no clue what they are doing, and they leave the country in a far worse mess than when they assumed power.

While waiting at Heathrow for his flight to New York on 11th December, the Editor watched Gordon Brown on a screen engaging in dry drivelspeak at yet another sterile European Union Collective meeting. As these people do, he evidently assumed that the dull, empty words he was laboriously reading from a gobbldegook prepared script would be liable to grip his passive audience. In reality, NOBODY IS INTERESTED IN THE INTERNATIONALIST AGENDA, and nobody is paying attention to what these manipulators are shoving down our throats day in, day out.

This is of course dangerous, because it suggests that the World Revolution can proceed anyway, since humanity suffers from EGO (Eyes Glaze Over) at the interminable globalist garbage spewed out from Brussels, Copenhagen, and wherever the next sprachfest is to be hosted. On the other hand, given the meticulous attention paid by the controllers of the World Revolution to what they spout for public consumption, it is also paradoxically the case that these people CARE WHAT WE THINK OF THEM. Which is not a lot.


We know that this is the case anyway, because opinion polls are the mechanism used by these manipulators to gauge public opinion, to ‘test’ revolutionary ‘solutions’ and initiatives, and to provide feedback so that the manipulators can try to fine-tune elements of their agenda so as to steer through identified minefields.

But the problem these fools face is that the longer they try to oppress humanity with their mad and malevolent scheming, the more obvious does it become that great swathes of the populations are refusing to take this gibberish, such as the lies underlying ‘Climategate’, in accordance with the manipulators’ self-serving presumptions, which usually mask nefarious intentions.

• The one response that these people cannot handle, as Lenin himself taught, is exposure.


In Britain, the truly farcical mess that has been made of the ongoing Westminster parliamentary expenses scandal – probably orchestrated to discredit the Westminster Parliament altogether, although the parallel expenses corruption at the European Parliament is infinitely worse – has revealed, to a disgusted general public, that British parliamentarians are a money-grubbing, deceitful and greedy lot who have no qualms about milking the system.

It has also revealed that those in charge of parliamentary expenses are themselves stupid and unbelievably muddled and incompetent. When this Editor bought a small print works (for his sins) in 1981, he closed down ALL expenses immediately and permanently.

Not long afterwards, the union shop steward knocked on the Editor’s door, saying:

‘Chris, can I have a word?’.

CS: 'Sure. Please come in and sit down'.

Shop steward: 'What are we going to do about expenses and parking?'

CS: 'I have absolutely no idea'.


And in the United States itself, the Obama Administration is continuing mischievously to behave as though it can somehow sail through its own colossal expenses scandal, the US official debt crisis – involving the creation of trillions of additional and WHOLLY UNNECESSARY US Treasury debt in the background that its permissive spending decisions have inflicted upon all future generations of American taxpayers as a consequence of its criminal intent to perpetuate the Fraudulent Finance carousel by hanging on to the stolen real funds, including the $6.2 trillion LOAN allocated pro bono publico by the British Monarchical Power as an arms’-length gesture in June 2007 so as to assist the United States out of its difficulties.


On 8th December, Paul Volcker, the former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board (before its custodian became the corrupt financial sorcerer, Dr Alan Greenspan, who appeared on NBC on Sunday 13th December as though he has no arrest tag on his ankle and remains in a position of hands-on influence, which we understand is not true: he can’t interfere with anything any more) surfaced at a conference held in Sussex, UK, where he berated bankers for failing to grasp the magnitude of the financial crisis caused by marketing fraudulent securities, and belittled their self-interested suggested reforms. Furthermore, he cast doubt on the familiar grandiose claims that financial innovation has been beneficial to the economy.

Attacking the use of (deliberately) complex ‘financial products’ such as Credit Default Swaps (CDS), Volcker, who, despite several threats to resign, remains Chairman of President Obama’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board, told the Future of Finance Initiative, a conference organised by the Wall Street Journal, held in a Sussex country house hotel:

‘I wish someone would give me one shred of neutral evidence that financial innovation has led to economic growth – one shred of evidence’.

Mr Volcker told the assembled delegates, who had been discussing how to rebuild the financial system, to ‘wake up’. He said that Credit Default Swaps (CDS) and Collateralised Debt Obligations (CDOs) had taken the economy ‘right to the brink of disaster’, adding that the economy had grown at faster rates during the 1960s, when none of these exotic fabrications existed (4) . In other words, Volcker was saying precisely what this service has been preaching for the past several years.

According to reports, the complacent banking attendees were just ‘stunned’. They haven’t been reading this column, of course, but have instead conferred only among themselves – which means that they have simply shared each other’s shabby or corrupt ideas. They are way behind the curve.

When one ‘stunned audience member’ suggested that Mr Volcker did not ‘really’ mean that bond markets and ‘securitisation’ had contributed ‘nothing at all’, Paul Volcker replied: ‘You can innovate as much as you like, but do it within a structure that doesn’t put the whole economy at risk’.

On the populist issue of bankers’ obscene remuneration (paid for out of funny money profits derived from Fraudulent Finance operations), the former Fed Chairman said:

‘Has there been one financial leader to say this is really excessive? Wake up, gentlemen. Your response, I can only say, has been inadequate’ (5) .

Unfortunately, after perusing the reports of this conference, the Editor failed to observe a single reported use of the words ‘corruption, ‘fraud’, ‘Ponzi’ and their obvious derivatives.

After the $1.12 quadrillion* giga-Note issue has been launched (if it survives this posting), we may at last begin to hear these words – which are the ONLY words that matter in this context – employed with greater frequency. Perhaps, then, the ‘mainstream’ will belatedly begin to report on this crisis with less of its familiar head-in-the-sand duplicity.

Since certain of our faithful readers have for a long time been sending these reports to selected journalists at key 'mainstream' media organisations, they know all about everything we write about. But they are too scared to write about it themselves.


Nor should one underestimate the capacity of people who ought to know better for defensive amnesia or sheer self-delusion. On 8th December, the technical ‘architect’ of the supposed US banking bailout was reported to have revealed the chaos behind the scenes at the US Treasury during the period when the fudgists were preparing the so-called Troubled Assets Relief Program (TARP), after the events of 10th-12th September (see above).

Neel Kashkari, aged 37, whom the criminal financier Henry M. Paulson had selected to oversee creation of the TARP arrangements, told The Washington Post that one colleague ‘screamed in panic over the imploding financial system’ – while yet ‘another almost died of heart problems’. Specifically, one Government economist screamed… ‘Oh my God, the system’s collapsing’. Don Hammond, the chief compliance officer for TARP, was rushed to hospital after suffering a heart attack, having worked for 18 hours a day for 40 straight days to finalise the TARP.

Interviewed at his shack in the woods in northern California – as far from the US Treasury as he could manage – Mr Kashkari, who had been a technology specialist at Goldman Sachs in June 2006 when Henry M. Paulson Jr. was selected by Bush 43 to oversee the orchestrated financial thievery, admitted: ‘We didn’t know if it [TARP] would work. We had to project confidence, hold up the world. We couldn’t admit how scared we were’ (6) .

It transpires that Mr Kashkari was charged as early as February 2008 with drafting an emergency plan in case the crisis ran out of control, as perceived by the implicated US Treasury. Given his background at Goldman Sachs, Neel Kashkari’s mindset was rooted in derivatives; so no attention was ever paid to the Cottrell Plan, which explained in very simple language how the crisis could be brought rapidly under control by adhering to the on-the-books, fully transparent and taxable Dollar Refunding Programme agreed by the G-7 financial powers in 2006 and 2007, for which the bulk of the $6.2 trillion had been provided on loan by the British Monarchical Power pro bono publico via the Bank of England on 19-20 June 2007, as we reported.

• Full details of the Cottrell Plan and its implications were published on this website and in our financial journal International Currency Review.


To have deliberately ignored the only possible sound, practical solution on the table, represented a piece of wilful sabotage equating to the deliberate waging of financial terrorism by Kashkari and his US Treasury colleagues – overseen by Henry M. Paulson Jr., who is a candidate for the title of the most corrupt US Treasury Secretary in history.

And of course the reason that the only viable solution was specifically ignored was that Paulson and his associates in the speculative Wall Street financial institutions which grew fat and bloated from handling the one-way US Treasury debt pipeline, were not interested in any sound solution which threatened to dethrone their bonanza carousel based on the marketing of Treasury debt and the open-ended Fraudulent Finance derivatives festivities. Hence, these institutions have all amply demonstrated that they are greedy, self-interested enemies of the American people.


Meanwhile we all watched spellbound as the corrupt Bush II Vice President Richard B Cheney, former controller of the Himmlerian MK-ULTRA and related satanic CIA programmes, stole vast sums of money, stashing them, in collaboration with Mrs Laura Bush, inter alia, in Dubai.

That desert state will now languish in a condition of irrecoverable desperation for eternity, with half-completed skyscraper skeletons corroding in the salt-laden atmosphere – since there is no means of deciphering who owns Dubai’s mountains of layered debt, given that this entire city is literally built on sand – that is to say, on derivative paper, all of which is fraudulent, held off the books, and therefore worth zilch in the emerging financial environment.

No doubt false hopes are being raised that Dubai will be bailed out in the backwash of the intended $1.12 quadrillion* Note giga-issue referenced above. However as this rash operation will be wholly fraudulent, and the perpetrators will (we have been told) be arrested for securities and bank fraud, any such hopes are groundless.

So what we anticipate is that Dubai will remain a colossal monument to the extreme folly of arrogant fools who thought that a new Manhattan could be constructed in the desert on the back of open-ended, and never-ending, one-way Fraudulent Finance operations. Dubai is also a monument to the progressive collapse and disintegration of the corrupt Bush-Cheney Virtual Money Utopia.


Adding to the abject failure of everything that Ex-Veep Cheney touched is the outcome of the Iraqi Government’s oilfield auction, completed on 12th December 2009 and reported on the following day. Winners of the two-day public auction of 20-year service contracts from which operators will earn a fee for each barrel of oil they produce above a Government-established baseline, included corporations from Angola, Malaysia, Turkey and China. Specifically, the Malaysian oil corporation Petronas, the Angolan firm Sonangol, and the Russian oil conglomerate Lukoil, emerged as the biggest winners from the Iraqi oilfield auctions (7).

It will of course be recalled that Cheney presided over a quasi-secret panel which identified, listed and targeted all Iraq’s oilfields, which were to have been annexed by the United States (with smaller bits and pieces for its dragooned ‘allies’), in an operation that was intended to replicate what the Americans originally had in mind for Saudi Arabia.

Assuming that the oilfield facilities are not sabotaged as they are being developed and when they come on-stream (which is a reasonable assumption, as the targets will not be Western), the official Iraqi projection is that the country’s current output of about 2.5 million barrels a day, will have risen to 12 million barrels a day by 2016, surpassing current oil production from Saudi Arabia.


All of which can be interpreted as an object lesson for the arrogant DVD-penetrated US Intelligence Power, which thought that it could build a new Manhattan in the desert on the basis of a régime of Fraudulent Finance fuelled by the systematic criminal pillaging of the assets of ordinary Americans by means of a myriad variants of the classic Ponzi Scheme – and a parallel object lesson, too, for the dumb, brainwashed US Military Power, whose stupid leaders thought they could seize a foreign country and its natural resources with impunity. The foreign, including British, fools who followed these maniacs in their criminal misadventures, will pay dearly for their stupidity, too.


Speaking of which, the dreadful financial chaos in Greece, which was (you will readily recall) one of Cheney’s Fraudulent Finance hidey-holes, and where the Chairman of the National Bank of Greece resigned suddenly only the other day, is reflected in the spectacle of so much garbage piled up on either side of the Athens streets, in the context of a strike by garbage collectors, that people have had to walk down the middle of the street to avoid falling face-down into sacks of smelly, rotting detritus and filth. In fact, Greece is plagued by strikes all year round: once the trash people have gone on strike, the buses go on strike, followed by teachers, tax inspectors, train drivers, you name it. The country (which really means Athens) is a total, decaying mess.

Greece will have to abandon the Euro, so that it can devalue its currency to start the process of rehabilitation. It cannot survive the straightjacket of the stupid German collective currency, which will start to disintegrate as soon as Greece defects, which it will. Ireland may have to get out, too.

Without going into details here, Greece’s fiscal shambles is even worse, proportionately, than that facing Britain, a seat of global corruption, which is itself all but intractable (see above) thanks to the colossal shambles created by the discredited Labour Government. Faced with the downgrading in early December 2009 of Greece’s credit rating (a fate which also awaits the United Kingdom in 2010), Greek spokesmen have been at pains to inform anyone in the international community who will listen, that ‘Greece is not Dubai’ (8).

And apologists for the disgraceful fiscal and financial shambles in London are telling anyone who will listen abroad, that ‘Britain is not Greece’.


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