Black Aboriginals of North America founded Original United States: Ernest Rauthschild

By Ernest Rauthschild


Re: Black Aboriginals of North America founded the original United States, and the Black British came as voluntary migrants with their Colonial White Serfs, scholars say. 

July 16, 2015, Seattle, Washington: A group of legal revisionist scholars claim that there was white slavery in North America and that the story of Blacks being the first Slaves of North America was a creation of British White Colonial serf's propaganda. The scholars wish to remain anonymous because they claim otherwise they will be labeled “anti-slave-rites,” or “black supremacists” and lose their jobs, or even worse, be sold to Middle-Eastern brothels, says Ernest Rauthschild of the Grand Council.

The United States of America was founded long before 1776 by the Aboriginal Black Sovereign Confederacies of North America. A group of Black British/Brutish immigrants led by general George Washington Founded the 1791 Federal United States of England, previously known as the The United Colonies, which were latter annexed within the “original” sovereign Republic United States of North America. There were two wars fought simultaneously, the North American Black Aborigine's Revolutionary War (Reverting 1622 Subjugation Treaty of Virginia from their Black British/Brutish Brethren), and the Colony's War of Independence. The North American Black Empire and European Black Empire were members of the family of nations and part of the Masonic Moorish Islamic Ottoman Empire.

“After the 1861 Civil War and 1898 Wilmington Race Riots, our history was “white-washed,” and paintings of General Washington were done over to make him appear as a White European.” The story of Black slavery in America was embellished over the years by the Briton White Colonial serf's propagandists because they wanted to avoid later land claims by the original Black settlers to much of what is now New England, including the state of New York, said Rauthschild. However, Whites were the first Slaves of America and latter rewarded with “Civil Rights” for their participation in the civil war, codified in Title 42, United States Code § 1981.

Mainstream establishment experts summarily dismissed the scholars’ claims as “utter nonsense,” and “conspiracy theory.” They said there was ample documentary proof that white slavery never happened in America. The revisionists claim the “so-called proof” was “manufactured in Hollywood.”

Additionally, they’re are two governments: Black Aboriginal General Sovereign North America Con-federal, Freehold (> Sovereign Nation/States Title 5, United States Code § 1501(1)), in the family of nations; and Independent Federal Colonial Corporate Statehood (Title 5, United States Code § 1501(2)), in the United Nations. See, e.g., Dred Scott vs. Sanford, (“original United States” and “original 1787 Constitution), said Rauthschild, citing statutes, case laws and Certificates of Authenticity of 1664 Secret Titulo Torrens of North America, 1782-Present Treaties of Versailles, 1783 Secret Tripartite Agreement of North America (>United States, The United States of America & Britain), 1781 1st American Company, (known today as the United States of America Treasury, Federal Reserve System (>G7), Federal Reserve Bank))); Vatican 1861-69 Federal System's Covenant and Concordant (> Pacem Terrs), and several classified documents as proof. Interestingly, the 1781 1st American Company is headquartered in Shanghai, China.

The Torrens, half-size of a queen mattress, shows the Sovereign Black Aboriginals North America's land covering the Western Hemisphere to Eastern Hemisphere, formally known as Mexico. The Torrens listed Black Mexicans as owners of North America, not Red Indians, Indians, Black Indians nor Whites. The word Red Indian comes from Singh, who started the Indian countries and was captured by the British thereafter held for trial and sentenced to hanging, he was known as the Red Dragon. The Freehold Sovereign Government of North America is a member of the Dragon Court, which explains the 13 Dragon Royal Families of Asia 13 Asset Nation's membership in the Grand Council.

The 1791 Bankrupt Federal United States are currently mirroring the Sovereign Black North America's government. The certificate of authenticity of the 1st American Company mentions the Grand Council with photos of it's 48 members. See, e.g., Black's Law Dictionary, 7th Edition, in pertinent part:

United States: “This term has several meanings, It may be merely the name of a sovereign occupying the position analogous to that of other sovereigns in the family of nations”.

Family of Nations: “Is an aggregate of states which, as the result of their historical antecedents, have inherited a common civilization, and are at a similar level of moral and political opinion. The term may be said to include the Christian nations of Europe and their offshoots in America, with the addition of the Ottoman Empire, which was declared by the treaty of Paris of 1856 to be admitted to the concert European.” See, e.g., Jurisprudence, Author: Holland, 13th Edition, p. 396.

The Dred Scott vs. Sanford Supreme Court decision merely enforced Article 13 with 20 Sections of the “original 1787 Constitution,” prohibiting Africans from becoming citizens of the 1791 Federal Corporate United States. Be that as it may, the original Blacks of North America (We, the people) shall issue Body Attachments enforcing original and exclusive jurisdiction over the 1791 Bankrupt Federal United States and its colonial states thereof.

More importantly, “we object to Pope Francis's clandestine visit with the informal Congress rolling out the new Treasury Reserve Notes (TRN) backed by AU, with 60 quad already issued in the system. We shall have our own jurisdictional currency separate from the bankrupt U.S. using our collateral gold accounts. The Ivy League Universities have yet to teach the colonial subjects how to balance a checkbook, moreover, pay their debts in accord with Article VI, § I of the original Constitution, said Rauthschild. “The Aboriginal Black Sovereign Confederacies of North America never endorsed the federal constitution nor relinquished its sovereignty to the colonial corporate Federal United States.”


Ernest Rauthschild
The Grand Council
Senior Accounts Manager
Senior Administrative Trustee
Five Star Trust

PS. Throughout my travels of Asia Pacific, I can safely say. The Blacks are the original people of the land, i.e., Asiatic Blacks!

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